Cheesecake Brownies!

If you tuned into our episode of The French Roast on Instagram Live. Our team member, Montana, and owner, Camryn, made these delicious treats. This recipe was provided by Creations by Cara.

Ingredients needed for filling:

Ingredients needed for brownies

Mix the filling ingredients together in a small bowl, and mix the brownie batter in a large bowl. After that, it’s time to prepare them for baking.


I think the key to perfect marbled cheesecake brownies is to reserve a little of the batter to dollop on top of the filling.

It works much better than just trying to swirl the batter up from the bottom.

After you add the spoonfuls of brownie batter to the top, use a butter knife or spoon handle to lightly swirl the brownie batter and cheesecake filling together. 

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