Not Your Average (Cup of) Joe

When you think of Meemom’s, your mind most likely travels to french toast.  That thick cut bread, loaded with decedent toppings, finished with sweet drizzles and a generous dusting of powdered sugar. What if I told you that you were missing out on one our best kept secrets here at Meemom’s? On that bottom right corner of your menu lives a small section of coffee drinks.  Your eyes probably grazed right over it thinking “oh its coffee, how could it be so special?” Well my friend, look a little harder and get ready to see the amazing coffee drinks we offer!       

All of our specialty coffee drinks start with Caffe Vita espresso, which is brewed locally in Brooklyn, New York and over on the west coast in Seattle, Washington.  From there, the flavors begin! From vanilla, to coconut, to brown sugar cinnamon-let us get your taste buds tingling!  For that extra creamy flavor, we use Torani sauces in chocolate, white chocolate, and caramel too! Next we add the milk to combine everything together for the rich and smooth flavor.  Most of our specialty drinks are finished with whipped cream and even some fun toppings like cookies on the Chocolate Chip Cookie latte or marshmallows on the Toasted Marshmallow. Oh and decaf? We do that too! The possibilities are endless on our coffee menu!     

Hazelnut Chai Latte

When it comes to specialty drinks, we let the baristas in each store get their creative juices flowing once in a while. During the month of the November, we had each store come up with their own drink that is exclusive to their location only.  In Wall, they are featuring a Cinnamon Bun Latte, complete with a brown sugar cinnamon ring and maple glaze topping.  In Middletown, they combined flavors of Nutella infused milk with chai spices in their Hazelnut Chai Latte for a sweet meets spiced winter drink. Lastly, in Brick, they are holding onto those last weeks of Fall with their Apple Chai Cider! Apple cider brewed with chai tea, fresh granny smith apples, and finished with an Apple jam rim. Be sure to stop by your favorite Meemom’s location and grab one of these drinks before they’re gone! 


So now that you know about our hidden gems on our menu, make sure you pair a specialty coffee with your favorite french toast! Toasted Marshmallow and Campfire french toast? yum! Crazy Grandpa with a Fraffle? Yes please! Your sweet tooth is sure to be begging for more! Iced or hot.  Regular or decaf. We’ve got you covered for your coffee needs here at Meemom’s.

See you soon!

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